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Qualität macht den Unterschied / Quality makes the difference

Manufacturing process

In many industrial sectors, seals and stamped parts are used in a wide variety of products and functions. We provide expert advice and support on the application and use of materials and your options. Geometry, material and the number of pieces often influence which production method is chosen. 

Water jet technology

Waterjet parts for special precision. Waterjet technology enables a wide range of cutting tasks to be carried out, regardless of contour, dimensions or material. Both 2D and 3D geometries can be cut precisely, without any tooling. We offer this process for individual parts as well as for series parts. 



Stamped parts are made from materials such as rubber, plastic or even metal and are perfectly tailored to their subsequent purpose. Stamped parts have proven their worth in countless areas such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, construction and materials handling technology. This is not least due to the uncomplicated, fast and efficient production. 

Turning and Milling

Standard and high-performance plastics, as well as elastomers, are brought into precise shape by turning and milling. 


With plotting, almost all 2D geometries can be produced, from individual pieces to small series. Elastomers, plastics and foams can be processed. 
We will be happy to advise you individually and put together the right material/design combination for your application.